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LATEST NEWS: BG6004 solution now available in 5 litre buckets as an interim measure until powder becomes available again. |
29 March 2017
Workshops coming up at CPS
29 March 2017
Underglaze Magic Workshop
Decorating headaches ? Just don’t know how to achieve the look you want ? Which brush do you use ?
30 March 2017
Montebello Night Potters Market
Join the Montebello Night Garden in Newlands on March 30, for a potters market. Date: 30 March Time: 5pm to 9pm with set up starting from 9am
07 June 2017
All Things Suspended Workshop
How do you fire things like beads or spoons that need to be glazed on all sides? You hang them in the firing!
21 June 2017
Colour Carving Workshop
Cast your own vase, carve your own design into it, and reveal hidden depths of colour and translucency. Let Elsabe show you a fun, easy, and unique way of creating beauty that is accessible to everyone.
05 July 2017
Retreat branch

Clayman products include clays, porcelains, glazes, bisqueware, casting slip.

Proudly manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. 

Exported around the world!

Mercury Master Moulds - a division of The Clayman - manufacturer of moulds - agents welcome.

Top photo : Clay Man moulds completed!

Bottom photo : Siyabonga Buzo our mould maker in action..

News & Reviews
08 November 2016
Sasha Wardell Workshops
We thank CSA for the opportunity to sponsor the porcelain and stain for these wonderful workshops taking place around the country. We hope that the participants will enjoy the porcelain and have fun at the worshops.
20 October 2016
Bryan Haden sadly has passed away
It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to another well known and well loved master potter Bryan Haden. Bryan passed away last weekend at age 86. Our thoughts go to his family and friends.
01 September 2016
A sad goodbye to Terry Reinders
It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to one our communities great leaders Mr Terry Reinders who passed away suddenly last week. Terry has been a tower in our industry for 40 years and we are saddened that he has passed on. Our thoughts go to his family and friends and to many of the potting community at this time.
14 March 2016
Goodbye Anton
Goodbye Anton
It is with great sadness that we inform everyone that Anton van der Merwe passed away this weekend at his home in Hogsback.
19 February 2016
A more colorful way to Mishima
A more colorful way to Mishima
More colorful Mishima Mishima, also known as Inlay, is a great technique for creating graphic imagery on clay. Watch the short video below to see how to add colored background to your Mishima pieces. Click on the video below to see how this technique works!!
11 December 2015
Staff Party December 2015
Staff Party December 2015
What a great dedicated team!
29 November 2015
Andile Dyalvane of Imiso Ceramics takes delivery of his new shuttle kiln
Andile Dyalvane of Imiso Ceramics takes delivery of his new shuttle kiln
12 May 2015
05 February 2015
The digital flipping book 2015 AMACO catalog is now on the website.
23 January 2015
Zikulise - a look inside our organisation
You will see that our heart’s desire at Zikulise is to make a difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans who find themselves in the unenviable position of being unemployed and in many cases unemployable. We invite you to page through and read at your leisure. Most of all, we invite you to join with us on our journey towards a country where unemployment is no longer considered a national crisis.

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